Will the Fake Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

Pundits praised Trump’s final debate performance like a mother congratulating their toddler for making sure their poop made it into the toilet rather than in their pants or on the furniture. How long do we need to listen to ass-lickers claim that the media doesn’t “give Trump a fair shake” before they’ll finally admit that he is a scruple-less con man? 

“How do we know if a politician is lying?”

“His (or her) lips are moving.”

I heard this joke regarding lawyers from friends and family many times and no doubt I have repeated it. With the exception of the honorable Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, who was able to hide the facts (or truth, pick your word) without answering a single question during her senate confirmation hearing, I always thought law required communication rather than stonewalling. Stonewalling is a hallmark of a bad relationship.

You know what else is a hallmark of a bad relationship? Deceit. Gaslighting. Undermining. 

Having Trump in the White House is like being forced to be married to a toxic partner. One who doesn’t care about facts or feelings or people. They care about themselves. They will say anthyign to preserve their power over you. And they expect their partner to defend them at all costs while in public and private they demean and degrade them.

Trump has always been a liar. He lies every time he opens his mouth. So while you defend the President for a gentler, kinder, more dignified debate performance, remember Hannity and Dobbs, and my parents, that his performance was just another lie. He lied to you about who he is. That was not the real Donald Trump. The real one is the one we see in public every day. The one who calls fallen soldiers losers. The one who tear gasses peaceful protestors for a self-serving photo op. The one who diminishes a woman into an entity that he can “grab by the pussy” if he wants to. But he appointed a female to the Supreme Court! For me, talking about one woman in that way is too many. And we know it’s not just one. And we know that he appointed Justice Barrett to serve him like any good woman should serve a man. We’ve seen how Justice Kavanaugh has already peeled back his abusive, alchonhoic veneer to reveal his true colors as a partisan muscle in the highest court of the United States.

Trump is a liar. His performance to earn votes by seeming kinder and more dignified was a lie in-and-of itself. That was not the real Trump. If you think it was, you’d love to read how Stalin pandered to the same people he also demanded be executed. Until the bullets tore through their own skulls after their show trial, they believed that Stalin would save them. That he was on their side.  

Trump is on no one’s side but his own, and he’ll say anything to stay in power. He’ll undermine a free election that may be the most sacrosanct rite of a free, democratic, pluralistic society.  He’ll dismantle the FBI and the USPS and the justice department to protect his interests. He’ll pledge to challenge any election result that doesn’t include him winning. That is the real Trump.

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