Ripe for the Picking

A person who spends his or her entire life, from the moment they hear human voices, imbibing the flavored, highly sweetened and vibrantly-hued Kool-Aid of religious indoctrination are often assured that only they are drinking of the pure, “living water.” So ubiquitous are the children’s hymns and poems and axioms to which they are subjected, … Continue reading Ripe for the Picking

Illusions of Happiness

Communities make happiness feel like an obligation. But the goal of happiness is elusive, a mirage that never can satisfy. While happiness should be enjoyed when experienced, contentment may be a better state of being to shoot for.

The Standard of Goodness

Early in A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens introduces us to Sydney Carton. Initially, amongst the other characters, he is forgettable, pathetic, and even loathsome. Perhaps that is a hallmark of great literature. It can produce contemptible, disgusting characters like Sydney Carton in whom a man like me may see our own character reflected. I … Continue reading The Standard of Goodness


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M. King Byrd

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Born, raised, and a Mormon through my mid-thirties. Navigating the world with an open mind and intellectual honesty strains a marriage built on dogma. Like Michael Scott, “somehow I manage.”

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